The Name

What does Faith Through Fotos mean?

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The name Faith Through Fotos was created as a constant reminder to myself that through faith, God will lead me anywhere, as long as I am willing. Through my passions of photography and art, I am reminded that He loves us and has given us individual desires and talents. I believe that we are to thank Him while using these precious gifts that bring such joy to our lives, and what better way than naming the work that I do every day for His glory. Faith Through Fotos is about intertwining God given gifts with everyday works and showcasing hope, strength, and confidence that He so generously gives when we are in times of doubt and despair. I want to encourage others to use their passions and inspire others to share what they believe in. Faith Through Fotos isn’t just a business name - it is who I am, it is what I do, and it is a response of thanks to the One who gave me this passion.