Out of the Fog

In case you missed Out of the Fog promo videos, or want to watch them again...


     Over the course of working on the series Out of the Fog, I have learned that asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of. I couldn't have completed this project without everyone who was involved and am grateful for everyone so willing to be a part of it.

     Thank you to Mariah Wild, Jackie Renner, Izzy Werner, The Werner family, Aaron Smallwood, Missy Oatman, Katie Jackson, Troy Stone, Joseph W. Brown, Samantha Richardson, Tammy Wolfgong, Shiloh Leath, Chelsea Thokar, Phyllis Renner, Emilio Vignali, Elise Baker, Amie Santavicca, Kennedy McCoy, Dennis and Gina McCoy, Cody Williams, Royle Tanner Mast, Angela Taylor of Blush Makeup Artistry, Payton Boyes, David and Ariel Thompson of Mercer Cottage Farm, Kamila Sych, and Julie Leath.