West Holmes Lady Knights Tennis Team

I remember the sports team posters hanging up all over the small towns around my high school, years ago. In pizza shops, in grocery stores, around the classrooms as soon as school started up again in the fall. As small of a town that I come from, it was neat to see such intense portraits of the team members, it was almost like you were looking at a celebrity, even though chances were that you knew them and their entire family. Oddly enough, it's been a secret dream of mine to make one of these posters for a sports team. Maybe it's my love for Nike catalogs or dramatic lighting, but I'm a sucker for the emotion that goes along with it. I was lucky enough to have been approached by the West Holmes High School Lady Knights Tennis Team to put together such a poster. The only 'restrictions' were to use the title "You've Met Your Match" and that I had one day to plan the shoot. Little to no time at all to get everything together, I love the look of these portraits, both individual and team shot. The awesome (and very sweet) ladies a part of the Varsity tennis team and this shoot include Sabryn Cutlip, Maty Macaulay (senior), Erin Stitzlein, Cassidy Mohler (senior), Kate Rodhe, Samara Gallion, Elise Knebusch (senior), and Natalie Molnar (senior). Thank you all for letting me be a part of this shoot! 

Below is the final poster I put together for the West Holmes Tennis Team that includes their season schedule and sponsors.


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