Welcome to Los Angeles!

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Big news for 2016, I moved to the great and wonderful Los Angeles on the first of the year. This has been an incredible opportunity so far and I've decided to do a weekly blog about my adventures on the west coast.

This first week has been a dream! I flew out of Cleveland, OH which was actually my first flight, ever. I had a layover in Chicago and then was off again to LAX. Luckily I had the window seat for the first flight, but not so lucky with the second flight. But regardless, I made sure I was able to see out the window and get some shots of the gorgeous sunset. I will never forget as we were about to land in Los Angeles, the sun was just setting and lights were just starting to come on, it looked like a Christmas tree! As I looked out and saw the ocean, the flight attendant spoke, "Welcome to Los Angeles".

So the reason behind moving out to Los Angeles.. I was given the opportunity to work as a nanny for the sweetest family. The parents, Todd and Michelle, have an 18 month old, busy, bundle of happiness named Lana. I can easily say this is the most entertaining and favorite job I've ever had, and it's only been a week.

Week 1

January 1 - January 8

So far, I've been able to see around the town I'm living in, and travel to several beaches along Southern California. I've been able to see El Segundo Beach and bike through Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, and all the way to Redondo Beach Pier along The Strand, which is a biking path. The weather has been a little strange off and on with El Niño, rain and thunderstorms after having a drought for four odd years. Oh well, at least it reminds me a little bit of the midwest weather. 

This experience has led me to meet some amazing people, and I'm excited to see where else it will take me! Lesson of this developing story: don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and go exploring the world, if it's across town or across the country. Do new things, talk to new people, enjoy yourself, and give thanks for the blessings and opportunities God puts in your path.


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