Bloom Where You Are Planted


I bought an flower from the 99 Cent store in town to bring a little life into my room, if I can't have my very own garden. The tag said it was an african violet, but I think it's a type of pansy. I thought it would be a simple thing to take care of, I mean it fit in a small cereal bowl that I planted it in (totally using my resources here), I mean what could go wrong? I set it in my room and watered it when I thought it might be a little dry, it looked like it had some sun in the afternoon, since the sun sets where my window is. "It'll be fine," I thought.

Reality. My plant died. Well became very close to dying; it was droopy and sad looking, and the once blooming buds were shriveling. I asked my mom if I should just throw it away because there wasn't much more I could do. I began to realize the soil was just too dry, as I had thought I may have overwatered it before. Soon, I learned that watering it in the morning and at night helped my little flower, as I saw the color come back into the buds. I rearranged my room and I sat the tiny cereal bowl garden in my window on a stand, so it had more of a chance to see the sun through the day. I counted the blooms. One... two... three... water in the morning... water at night. It began to droop again, maybe too much water? Water in the morning, water a little at night. Four, five, six, seven. A week went by, I was learning to care for this little gem as it bloomed right where I planted it. Eight, nine, ten, eleven! More and more blooms popped up. Every day there seems to be more. I now have 19 blooms on a flower that I planned to throw away when things were looking a little rough and the water had dried up. 

Bloom where you're planted.

Sometimes the first place we are planted is a little rough, drying up our inspiration and hopes. Maybe we're losing the life we once had. The next place we plant ourselves is a little better, we start to learn what works for us and what doesn't so much. Sometimes we fall. But we look to The Light and slowly, but surely find our way and find ourselves with more blooms of joy than we ever dreamed were possible in an idea that began in the size of a cereal bowl. 

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