Artist Statement

     Boundaries constrain people; they bring about limitations and obstacles that restrict individuals from what they want, what they do, and where they are. John Saddington writes that we should pursue our goals and anything that bounds us, regardless of constraints. However, some boundaries are completely out of our control, and in turn are what end up controlling our actions & ambitions.

     This body of work focuses on older people “fixing” or “revamping” material items, that represent uncontrollable boundaries, that have power over our daily lives. The items that the subjects are attempting to fix are hypothetically the “forces” that have controlled them in the past, and with age, or wisdom, want to restructure for others.

     I hope these illustrations bring an entertaining and lighthearted feel to address that there are set boundaries in life we cannot control or alter. These images are to be a reminder that it is okay to let things go that are out of our control.  The whimsical and joyful approach to the composited photos show that letting things go always opens up the possibility to relief and in a sense, freedom, and a playful spirit.