Out of the Fog Final Book

Leah Schonauer

What started out as a class project for Thesis has grown into a special personal project. Out of the Fog focuses on self-worth through symbolism, and I may eventually open the series back up. As the project grew into something so very important to me, I wanted to make sure the final product, which was to be a self-published book without limits of dimension or company, was printed to show the significance of each person who took part in the series. 

For my final printed book, I wanted to produce a very clean and simplistic layout on white pages. The company I chose had the option for lay flat pages that emphasized the portraits and let the viewer enter the world of the model. The text shows the full name of the model in the first portrait, and in the second portrait/composite image is the text for the poems I wrote based on the interviews with each model.

Beyond impressed is the only way I can describe how I feel about the quality of the book. It really took my book to the next level compared to other companies I had researched for printing. Below you can flip through the pages of my final book for Out of the Fog

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