Los Angeles: Part 2

Week 2

January 9 - January 15

This past week's adventures included a little more (okay, a lot more) of the beach. On Saturday morning I drove to Santa Monica. I even drove on the 405 (fun fact: in California, they call highways "the-405" rather than "I-77") with 6 lanes of cars and enjoyed it, I'd like to think Pittsburgh traffic prepared me for such nonsense. I walked from where I parked all the way to the pier and I passed the time with some touristy shopping for postcards and keychains until all the shops and vendors started opening around 11:00 AM. The pier is filled with rides and a ferris wheel, musicians and an arcade, and even restaurants. The pier is a fun atmosphere and the view at the end is just incredible, the ocean always amazes me. 

Saturday night I couldn't help myself, I needed to watch The Revenant and I am so happy I did. Such a beautifully done film and that goes to credit the acting, cinematography, music, and story. A must watch especially for photographers and artists, especially. 

Sunday morning I went with a neighbor to a church service held at El Segundo High School, which is actually used a lot in movies and TV shows including Superbad, The Hot Chick, Joe Dirt, 90210, and others.

In the midst of these fun outings, I was kicked with some type of cough/sickness. But what better way to forget about a runny nose when you can walk along the beach and see the mountains!

Here are a few of the outings Lana and I took this week around town.

Shot of the week. We had just went outside and walked a little down the street. Good little Lana waved to every person she saw, and some trees and inanimate objects thrown in there too. She was a little bummed when they didn't wave back. It's so easy to just settle for iPhone photos, but I'm hoping to bring my camera with me more often.


Live by faith & share through fotos.