Internship with Kaela Speicher: Week 3 (Part 1)

     Being an artist, there's something that's wonderful and intimidating about talking to other people about your work, especially with clients. So this week, Kaela set up a client meeting, and I went along to observe what needed to be covered, and how to prepare for it. Kaela met with her client for a future shoot geared toward revamping a modeling portfolio. Goal #4 on my list of things I wanted to learn through the internship was how to keep organized and schedule shoots in an organized, step-by-step way.

     It's easy to become bombarded when dealing with multiple sides of a business by yourself, while coordinating client shoots and personal projects between a model, makeup artist, hair stylist, and personal schedules. It's a necessity that I learn how to keep this balanced and keep some sanity along the way. Not only did Kaela's men's fashion shoot the previous week help address this goal, but observing a one-on-one client meeting was so beneficial to understand how to keep organized, and how to take notes about what should be planned. 

     I learned 3 simple steps to keep organized and your sanity from all the elements involved that must come together.

1.  Prepare. After the initial interest from the client, make an inspiration board for what he or she is looking for. You can also send this collection to hair and makeup artists you will be working with, if they are involved in the shoot. Write down any questions you have for the client, and make sure you bring these questions and a pen and paper for notes. Have an ideal schedule ready to share with the client, and you can make minor changes if need be.

2.  Meet. Meet with the client (cute coffee shops are the best) and come to an agreement on what you are able and are willing to do on both ends. Sign contracts and model releases for your personal records, and have a copy available for your client. Plan specific wardrobe, hair, makeup, and locations to send to the rest of your team. Mark out what needs to be done before the shoot, and schedule days to meet these goals.

3.  Organize. Make up an itinerary of the day of the shoot, and go over your checklist of client needs, location, wardrobe, equipment list, then update your creative team with this itinerary. Send any updates and keep in contact with your client so everyone is on the same page.

     And bam! Whoever thought something so complex could be organized in such an easy way.


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