Internship with Kaela Speicher: Week 5-6

     The past couple weeks have been insanely busy with my internship, classes, planning for graduation, and eating and sleeping somewhere in between. We have covered a combination of retouching methods and also adjusting the perspective of an image, especially in architectural photographs. Architectural photography is something I've never attempted, besides Instagram if that counts. But needless to say, I've never worked with correcting the perspective of an image further than adjusting the distortion simply in Lightroom. Now, since learning how impactful it can be, I take a look at the perspective and distortion of each image I edit.

     Furthermore with retouching methods, Kaela has given me several of her files to retouch on my own with the methods we have covered, and then review them when I've worked with them. Below are two of the images a combination of both Kaela and I have worked on the past couple of weeks. All images belong to Kaela, and you can see more of her work on her website: Kaela Speicher Photography.


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