Internship with Kaela Speicher: Week 4

     Studio sessions are oh-so enjoyable with feel-good music, a versatile area and window light to shoot in, and when you can smell donuts from the shop next door. This week, I assisted Kaela for her shoot that had several looks for a modeling portfolio, in a cute studio in the Strip District.

     Watching shoots taking place from the perspective as an intern has made me realize that just slowing down, taking a step back, and breaking down what you need accomplished in a shoot, everything will (or should) flow more smoothly. Kaela has top notch organizational skills, so seeing her work is mind blowing how well everything lines up in preparation, and time wise. She shared with me her process in planning details from makeup and hair, wardrobe decisions, and replicating a specific look with clients that guided the shoot along in a functional way. 

     After doing some excellent reflector holding, I helped pack up the gear before looking at the images on her desktop. We went through the images and talked about why one photo could work over another, and what she may look for or what stands out in selecting an image. We also discussed ways that retouching may improve an image over another.

     We also went over the importance of LinkedIn, which I have admittedly neglected my page since I was unaware of the value behind it. LinkedIn is a professional way to connect to others and businesses, reach out to them, and to research job opportunities. You are able to upload your résumé, projects, list your experience of work, awards, and so much more. My LinkedIn page is lookin' pretty nice, if I do say so myself, and you are able to view my profile here: Leah's LinkedIn Profile.


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