Internship with Kaela Speicher: Week 1

     This past Monday was my last, first day of a new quarter as a photo student at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Oddly enough, I woke up bright and earlier with a huge smile on my face and excited to go to school. Which, in the rule book of a senior college student, I'm assuming that breaks all of them. Needless to say, I was more than excited to start learning one-on-one with Kaela beforehand. We met for our first official internship meeting Monday morning, covering Lightroom workflow and the beginning of retouching.

     Retouching and post-production work 'makes my heart happy' if I can put it that way. I love the complete process of making a photo into another that's entirely new. I like to think that I can see the potential a photo has after I've shot it- not because it's a bad photo, but just how much more it can be elevated with post-editing. Retouching is a long process. And when I say it's a long process, I mean a while back I had to go to the chiropractor to get my wrists adjusted because I spent that much time at my computer. As some people dread the editing process, I highly enjoy having endless possibilities of altering a photo, literally at your fingertips. It can get very extensive at times, but seeing the difference from before to after is so rewarding.

     Kaela sent me several photos she had shot, to practice her retouching technique. So much effort and time goes into editing, but the results aren't technically even noticeable, because the goal of retouching is to make it look like the photo wasn't touched. The file she had sent me as a reference she had edited had both before and after, and my jaw literally dropped when I saw how much work had been put into the photo. Her editing is so flawless that it's difficult to find the hours invested in such a beautiful image.

     Through the week I have been working on different images, practicing the retouching technique that Kaela taught me. There is oh so much more to learn, and many more hours of practice to come. I came across a shoot from just over a year ago I had done with my sister when I first got my Alien Bee, and wanted to rework the editing and style I had previously. Below are the before and after shots- the straight out of camera image and my recently retouched image.